Should Canada buy a Caribbean island

"How to buy an island": tips & tricks from island brokers

Ahoy pirates,

We've all dreamed of our own island, haven't we? Especially on gray winter days when the drizzle still gives us the rest or currently in the quarantine times of the corona virus, it would be so nice to feel the warm sand of your own island between your toes. Especially since, according to Health Minister Jens Spahn, the possibility of infection would be the lowest there: "It's coming! Unless you are on an island." ...

"If the word" if "weren't ..."

Imagine you are one of the Forbes & Gates of this world and the 5 star Maldives resort is simply not enough for you anymore. You scroll through the Instagram accounts of your business partners who are chilling somewhere in the nowhere in the turquoise blue sea on their own island and even at the last billionaires meeting in Monte Carlo, your vintage car collection only attracted so little attention. Then you are ready for the island - and for your very own! So that nothing goes wrong with your first island purchase, we have you in the next paragraph best (and maybe not that serious) tips & tricks from the island broker Farhad Vladi from Vladi Private Islands in Hamburg and Chris Krolow from Private Islands in Toronto compiled.

5 things you have to consider when buying a private island

1. Rent first, then buy

The island broker Farhad Vladi started his career in 1971 with the sale of the Seychelles island "Cousin Island" and is now an old hand in the island broker business. His main advice is the sometimes unpredictable properties of islands. Climate, tides and flora & fauna play a major role, especially in tropical areas. So before you make a bad buy, Vladi advises you to do so to explore the island of choice sufficiently first.

2. Observe the checklist

As every normal mortal knows when it comes to larger expenses, one thinks a little more when buying a car than when doing weekly shopping in the supermarket. So it is also important to work through a checklist on your own island according to the following criteria:
- Medical supplies: A doctor should be able to reach you on your own island within 90 minutes, because there are many health dangers lurking in the tropics.
- Infrastructure: "It's not just WiFi that helps on a desert island, Millennials!" - Electricity, water supply and sewage also need to be regulated.
- Bureaucracy: Yes, unfortunately you cannot escape the paperwork even on a lonely island. It is important to think about whether you will get building permits, for example, and whether your investment will be accepted in the host country at all. Farhad Vladi advises you to do this when buying the island Title "Freehold" (free market) to pay attention to.

3. Small is not always good

"You don't want to feel like you're sitting on a rock", jokes island broker Farhad Vladi and recommends one to his customers Minimum size of 10,000 square meters. So roughly a soccer field, because your family clan also wants to have enough space! If yes, because already, pirates! ;)

4. Attention: additional costs!

Another big fish in island business is Canadian realtor Chris Krolow. He knows that the island project cannot be compared with any construction project on the mainland. Building materials have to be adapted to the weather conditions on the island, they are usually transported by boat and therefore cost considerably more, and construction workers cannot simply go home after their work is done. Often you can therefore still expect twice as much extra costs.But don't worry, pirates - in the next point there is a great tip on how you can easily avoid the additional costs!

5. Do like Johnny!

One of Vladi's most famous customers is the "Pirates of the Caribbean" star Johnny Depp. Contrary to the film title, this one did not want to be a curse of the Caribbean and built against expectations after buying the island No house. Since he has to travel to and from the island by yacht anyway, the Hollywood star decided to go to the Caribbean island as much as possible natural allow. He prefers to eat and sleep on board to enjoy the natural charm of his island during the day. A very charming move in times of climate change!

Island bargains in Canada and Sweden

One look at your account balance woke you out of your daydream? No problem - because small islands are already in the price category of a mid-range car to have. A prime example of the fact that you don't always have to have billions in your account to buy an island is Vladi's story of a carpenter who bought a Canadian island from him for 50,000 euros. For another 30,000 euros, he built his own house there as a self-made man and was there around 80,000 euros a proud island owner. Better to go to (your own) beach by bike than to work by car - or, pirates? ;)

Do you want to know what can be found in the portfolio?

The homepage of the island broker Farhad Vladi is clearly sorted according to the various destinations. The price filter helps next: You can find it here an island in the Bahamas for example already for 81,052 euros. With approx. 2,276 square meters "Columbus Landing" is unfortunately well below the broker's recommended island size. For that approximately Football field-sized island "Golden Cay" you can then again in the same region 630,403 euros take in hand. If you want to dream a bit of island business from home, you can click here through the "For sale" islands of this world. Have fun pirates!

Buy island? In the next life. Rent an island? Ahoy!

So now "daydream aside" - you can't afford your own island? Welcome to the boat! But luckily you have us and we looked for cheap island purchase alternatives to rent - for days when your palm screen saver is simply no longer enough.

Although the Airbnb island the exotic name "Java Island" Unfortunately, there are no palm trees growing on it, but at least a tree of its own. Not bad to start with, either, is it?

You can go to the island for beginners Live with two people or save a lot with four people. At this point the famous question finally comes "Who would you take with you to a desert island?" on. After the #stayathome time has expired, of course!

Floating Tiny House Java Island In the period from: Jul 19, 2020 to Jul 26, 2020

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    The island is for up to 4 people bookable - that would only be € 307.25 p.p.