Is collagen powder halal to consume

Halal Checked Type II Collagen Powder Suitable for Muslim Consumption

Halal checked bovine type II collagen / Type II collagen suitable for Muslim consumption

We beyond biopharmaceutical produce and supply Halal Verfied-Art II collagen powder suitable for Muslim consumption. We select 100% bovine cartilage to produce our type II bovine collagen powder. Not all pig materials are in our production facility. No pig materials are used in the production facility of our Type II collagen. Our production facility does not process pig materials. So our Type II collagen is suitable for Muslim consumption.

Type II bovine collagen powder contains more than 90% protein. It is made up of 20 kinds of amino acids. Some of the amino acids are very important for joint health, while some of them are critical for skin and muscle health.

In a word, Type II collagen is suitable to produce foods or dietary supplements products that are designed for skin, muscle and joint health

Below is the specification of the type II bovine collagen we can supply:

Exam ItemdefaultTest method


Odor and pollution

White to yellowish powderPass

Characteristic odor, faint amino acid odor

and free from foreign smell

No pollution and black spots by naked eyes directlyPass
Moisture content≤8%
protein≥90%Kjeldahl method
Sulfur dioxide (SO2)≤50mg / kgChina food industry method
Residual hydrogen peroxide≤10mg / kgChina food industry method
pH (1% solution)4.0-7.5
melamineabsenceChina food industry method
Chromium (calculated from Cr)<2.0PPMICP-MS
arsenic<0.5 PPMSICP-MS
Total germ content<1000 cfu / gUSP2021
Coliforms<0.9MPN / GUSP2022
Yeast and form<50 cfu / gUSP2021
Salmonelia SppNegative in 25gramUSP2022

Conform to Chinese standards for Bovine Collagen Type II

(with reference test procedure from USP)

The advantage of Beyond Biopharma as a manufacturer of Type II collagen

1. Our II bovine type collagen powder manufacturing facility had been involved in the production of collagen for over 10 years. It is one of the earliest manufacturers of collagen in china.

2. We have the GMP workshop and our own QC laboratory.

3. We had enough environmental protection facilities to treat waste water and exhaust air so that we would not have any problem of environmental protection. We can produce type II bovine collagen and deliver it stably.

4. We had supplied collagen to customers all over the world and gained good reputation. Our type II bovine collagen had been used by our customers to produce various ready-to-use dosage forms.

What is collagen and functions of collagen in human body?

Collagen is the most abundant and widely distributed protein in the human body. It is mainly distributed in connective tissue and is a functional protein related to tissue and organ function. It has obvious effects on human skin, blood vessels, bones, tendons, teeth, and cartilage. Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that collagen is the framework of all life, and the normal functioning of many tissues and organs in the human body is directly related to collagen. It can be seen that, whether from a medical or health care perspective, proper collagen supplementation is useful in increasing bone health in middle-aged and elderly people.

Collagen and Bone Health: When the human body lacks collagen it is not easy to fix calcium, resulting in loss of calcium, resulting in decreased bone density and osteoporosis. This is why proper collagen supplementation can help prevent the occurrence of osteoporosis or the healing of damaged parts; maintain joint health. Since collagen is a major part of articular cartilage, it is responsible for constructing the framework of cartilage. Therefore, supplementing the right amount of collagen can maintain the body's own cartilage tissue forming mechanism, protect the joint from wear and tear, and prevent osteoarthritis caused by various causes.

Collagen and Hair Health: Since the hair's nourishing source is the subcutaneous tissue of the scalp, timely collagen replenishment can provide sufficient nutrients for the scalp subcutaneous tissue to renew and nourish the hair.

Collagen and Skin Health: Collagen also has a good health care effect on skin health. To moisturize, anti wrinkle, repair, leave skin more moist and shiny;

Collagen and Immunity: Enhance Human Immunity. Collagen contains amino acids that the human body cannot synthesize, appropriate amount of supplement, help to strengthen the function of various tissues and organs