Have you ever regretted finishing a book?

People: The other questionnaire How was your year, Bernd F. Lunkewitz?

Since December 6th (Nicholas Day) we ask around the book industry again until January 6, 2021 (Holy Three Kings): “How was your year?”. Answered today Bernd F. Lunkewitz our "other" questionnaire:

Which day was your best this year?

On January 27th I published the manuscript of my book “The Construction Publishing House and the Criminal Association”. Later I corrected and added a few things to the text, but on that day I had completed this exciting legal and economic history of the Aufbau publishing house and in it proved that the Treuhandanstalt was in parts a criminal organization that fraudulently bought the Aufbau -Publisher has deceived.

What were you most angry about in 2020?

My claim for damages against the Treuhandanstalt has been crawling through the judiciary for eleven years. Two weeks after I had published my book, the Berlin Regional Court postponed the long-awaited date for the first hearing from February 28 to November 13, 2020 for "business reasons". Nine months later, this date was postponed again, this time on July 9, 2021. The court had only started the preparation shortly before the appointment and found that the documents presented as evidence in Annexes 1 to 264 had disappeared from the court files. I immediately had it submitted again, but the appointment was rescheduled.

What was your greatest success in 2020?

My daughter (15) and my two sons (11) mastered online classes in the Los Angeles School District despite the pandemic. This is a great success for my wife and me! All three were transferred to secondary schools this year and so far only know their schoolmates and teachers from the screen. Nevertheless, they have good grades and enjoy reading German and English literature.

And your saddest failure was ...?

Arbitrary denial of justice by a German court is very sad. In my book, I tell in the chapter "Nightingale, ick hear you trapsen" how the 22nd Senate of the Court of Appeal in Berlin a ten-year process to delete the Aufbau-Verlag GmbH i. A. deliberately made illegal entries in the commercial register.

Your favorite bookstore / your favorite publisher this year?

My favorite publisher is and will be Aufbau-Verlag. He celebrated his seventy-fifth birthday this year. After the fall of the Wall, I made it possible for him to survive, led him successfully for eighteen years and then selected a good successor.

The nicest bookstores in Los Angeles might be Book Soup in West Hollywood or The Last Book Shop in Central LA, but we love reading reviews on Amazon and then ordering our books from the small local bookstores in and around Pacific Palisades.

Which topic do you (why) no longer want to read about in the coming year?

Donald Trump's lies.

And what topic do you want to read more about?

The true, beautiful and good.

Which mistakes from this year would you like to avoid in the coming year?

Getting angry about things that can't be changed.

And what mistakes are you going to repeat anyway?

I continue to trust the German judiciary.

Which book did you particularly enjoy this year?

"The Aufbau-Verlag and the criminal organization."

What will be your most important book in the new year?

I'm working on a text on the history of the Rütten & Loening publishing house. Its “Aryanization” in 1936 was immoral. Therefore, the heirs of the publisher, who was murdered by the Nazis in 1942, continued to own the publishing house. They only found out about its existence in the GDR after 1948. This publisher, too, never became the property of the SED or the people's property. As a result, the Treuhandanstalt never became its owner and the shares in a Rütten & Loening GmbH i. A. did not exist.

Who would you like to read the answers to this questionnaire from?

From Michel Friedmann

And what question would you like to have answered that we haven't asked?

Have you ever regretted buying the Aufbau-Verlag?

Here you can answer them too:

I've bought the publisher six times. But only my purchase agreement with the Kulturbund, signed in December 1995, was effective. Only then did I become the owner of the Aufbau Verlag. I don't regret this purchase.

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