What is the value of 498

The aim of our donation project is to give the people entrusted to us time and very personal attention. The employees at Schön give each customer as much individual time as possible in their everyday get-together. Unfortunately, the time corset that accompanies us is tight, and so it is our goal to enable young people to be free for precisely this valuable time as part of the Voluntary Social Year (FSJ). Support us and give people with disabilities personal time. For example, 32.50 euros per day, 162.50 euros per week and 650 euros per month correspond to the value that we have to spend on the commitment of a young person in the FSJ.
We would be delighted if you could support us with your donation to finance this valuable time.

You are welcome to transfer your donation directly to our donation account:
Raiffeisenbank Region Kirchdorf
IBAN AT96 3438 0810 0242 6161

If you want to dedicate your donation to a specific donation project or area, we ask you to include the title of the donation project or area in the transfer.

Donation deductibility:
If you would like to deduct your donation for tax purposes, we ask you to state your first and last name (in accordance with the registration form) and your date of birth when making the transfer, in accordance with the statutory provisions that have been in force since 2017.

Many thanks for your help!