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The lion's den: Zoff, seeds in a jar and the greatest deal ever

Dramatic moments in the "Den of the Lions": The investors not only had to stick out their claws, but also got to see blood. And in the end they also fought over a mega-deal

Blood flowed in the "den of the lions" - and that is not meant in a figurative sense. When presenting a product, investor Judith Williams (46) was almost ill. There was also a scandal at the end of the new episode. Because of an action by two other investors, one of the lions was really pissed off!

"Chia Bowl": tasty seeds in a glass

Founder Brando Valencia brought Annemarie Heyl with him to the "Den of the Lions", who was on the show two years ago and presented freshly squeezed vegetable juices under the name "Kale & Me". There was no deal back then, but maybe it should work this time. His "Chia-Bowl" is a vegan product that works on the principle of "open the lid and spoon it off". To do this, Valencia packs chia seeds in jars, swells them in freshly squeezed juices and then spices them up. And all of this without added sugar or preservatives. The five flavors available include banana turmeric and raspberry mint. With the exception of Dagmar Wöhrl (64), the rest of the investors were initially interested, but it was not the required 150,000 euros for ten percent of company shares that should deter them.

A "chia bowl" that is "uninvestable"

Everyone saw it as a big problem that "Chia-Bowl" is a joint venture in which "Kale & Me" holds 50 percent of the shares. The constellation is "more than unfortunate" for an investor, explained Ralf Dümmel (51). "You are not investable for me," said Frank Thelen (42). After a consultation, the founders were ready to redistribute the company shares and also offer up to 20 percent to a possible investor, but that was not enough. Thelen, who was the only one interested, still refused to agree to a deal. Another problem was that the product in its current form was not yet coherent enough for him.

"Flippo Kids": Children's furniture that grows with them

Alexander Haunhorst had his little nephew in his arms to present his product "Flippo Kids". This is a wooden children's high chair that offers four integrated functions and can be converted without tools. The child's high seat with adjustable backrest can be converted into a raised child's seat in a matter of seconds, into a learning tower in which a larger child can stand and also into a bench that even an adult can sit on. Wöhrl tested the children's furniture and was able to confirm that it looked stable. Thelen found the design awful: "It looks very bulky. [...] Aesthetically, it's one of the worst banks ever." That's why he was quickly out of a possible deal, just like Dümmel, Carsten Maschmeyer (59) and Dr. Georg Kofler (61). "I'll tell you something, I like the idea," was Wöhrl's conclusion. She finally got in for 50,000 euros and received ten percent of the company's shares.

"Finanzguru": The app that can cancel everything

The twins Alexander and Benjamin Michel want to "make finances simply magical". The "Finanzguru" app should automatically recognize and clearly display all regular postings on a linked bank account. This should give users a better overview of their monthly expenses. The highlight: All contracts, for example a current membership in a fitness studio, should be able to be terminated easily via the app. The program also calculates potential savings and presents price comparisons for electricity tariffs or insurance, for example. If there is a mediation, the founders receive money for it. Deutsche Bank believes in the concept and invested a million euros a year ago, but holds a 24.99 percent stake in the company. Thelen also seems downright excited: "You guys, you print money." In return, however, they basically deal with customer data and Wöhrl didn't like that at all, even if the founders assure that data protection is very important to them. Private data would only be transferred if a user accepts an offer and agrees to the whole thing.

The biggest deal ever with a million euros

Thelen considered the "financial guru" to be "a really strong app", but according to him, Deutsche Bank was "a blessing and a curse at the same time". He doesn't feel like having to discuss a possible direction for the app with such a large company. Maschmeyer, on the other hand, was still impressed, but liked more than ten percent of the company's shares for a required investment of one million euros. It obviously had an effect that he advertised with his "enormous contacts". In the end, the deal came about for 15 percent of the company - the highest single deal in the history of the "Den of the Lions". Never before has a single investor raised such a large amount on the show.

Diamond Blading: You have to bleed for beauty

Brigitte Steinmeyer wants to "revolutionize the beauty world with a diamond". "Permanent make-up has been my life, my passion, my love" since 1990, explained the beauty expert. That is why she developed her "Diamond Blader", which consists of a titanium handpiece with a real cut diamond worked into the tip. This allows small, accurate cuts to be made on eyebrows. Color can then be rubbed into the small wounds, creating permanent make-up that should last for one to two years. The exact method is unique on the market, explains the founder, who only sells her beauty tools in connection with training that costs 4,950 euros. Steinmeyer also demonstrated the whole thing and brought a model onto the proverbial stage. However, Williams was bothered by the fact that a little blood flowed during the treatment shown. "Well, I'm really sick because I can't see any blood," she had to admit. The young woman was able to confirm that she did not experience any pain during the treatment. The founder wanted to give up ten percent for 100,000 euros, but the lions didn't bite. "I wouldn't be a credible reinforcement for you at all," said Maschmeyer. Even Williams was out because it was difficult to make such a business model big in the industry. No deal!

"Goleygo": More than just a dog leash

Jérôme Glozbach de Cabarrus and Tim Ley from Cologne have come up with anything but the dog with a new type of locking system. With "Goleygo" you have developed a magnet locking system that is intended to replace the traditional snap hook on dog leashes - and which could later be used in completely different areas. The corresponding patent for "Goleygo" has already been filed but not yet granted. The system has already been certified by TÜV for this. "You have developed a new locking system, which is terrific," enthused Kofler, who was amazed that there should not yet be a comparable product. All other investors also took a liking to "Goleygo". Thelen withdrew with Dümmel to talk about a joint offer, while Wöhrl joined Kofler and Maschmeyer. The offer of the founders: 500,000 euros for 25.01 percent of the shares. Thelen and Dümmel began their joint assessment and offered the required half a million for 35 percent of the company.

The big surprise at the end

Then the big surprise: While the other three investors jumped up to discuss a better offer again, Dümmel and Thelen struck the deal with the founders without their fellow Lions being able to react. "You have now missed something," said Wöhrl, but one of the founders was certain: "Sometimes you have to make decisions in life." While the two were celebrating, there was a scandal among investors. "We can really tear ourselves up here, that sucks," explained Maschmeyer. Wöhrl could only agree with that. Thelen tried to explain himself, but Maschmeyer said: "That was cheese, you know that too. I'm really angry, you don't do that."

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