Which celebrity marriages should never have happened

Why don't celebrity marriages last?

What keeps couples together? What is driving them apart? The guide to happiness.

On Monday, the German model Heidi Klum and cuddle singer Seal announced their separation. Another celebrity marriage that is in tatters. The first star breakup in 2012, but one of many. “Doesn't love last anymore?” Asked the B.Z. last week already.

It seems astonishing: The many separations and word breaks hardly seem to shake the German citizens in their belief in their own love: In a survey, 77 percent of them said that they believe they will stay together with their current partner for a lifetime. 81 percent believe in great, lifelong love.

And it arises in our brain. Researchers found that permanently happy couples show the same brain activity patterns as those who are newly in love. You are thus preserving a state that was previously thought to be volatile. The difference: in long-term lovers, brain areas that stand for attachment are also active.

But how does such a permanent relationship arise in love-happiness? One thing is clear: if you want to achieve it, you should rely on more than just your intuition. Psychologists and love researchers today know very well what distinguishes happy from unhappy couples. You know the traps that can destroy a relationship. And they know the secrets of great loves, permanently happy couples.

Below are ten ways to find lasting love and ten behaviors that can destroy it!

"Assuming that any couple will break up without an argument is nonsense"

Earlier this week, Heidi Klum (38) and Seal (48) announced the end of their eight-year relationship. “Although we enjoyed seven very loving, loyal and happy years of marriage, we decided to separate after very serious conflicts of conscience." Seal says: "We had problems. To assume that any couple will break up without an argument is nonsense. "

"There was no place for the relationship"

The marriage of Barbara Becker (45) and Arne Quinze (40) lasted only two years. Her explanation: “We hardly saw each other. There was no room for the relationship we both wanted. "

"It was an outbreak from a wonderful time"

They were lovers for 20 years, then Kai Wiesinger (45) separated from Chantal de Freitas (44). He says, "My decision to split up was a break from a wonderful time and family."

"I know that we will remain friends"

After just one year of marriage, Katy Perry, 27, and comedian Russell Brand, 36, recently announced they were divorcing. He says: “I will always love her more than anything, and I know that we will remain friends.” Insider rumors: he wanted children, not her. And: she just celebrated too much.

"It just didn't work anymore"

After seven years, the marriage of Jennifer Lopez (42) and Marc Anthony (43) failed in the summer of 2011. He says, “It just stopped working. Such things happen. It was a decision we made together. I will always love Jennifer. She knows that, my children know that. "

"We saw each other too seldom"

"In all friendship" separated in November 2011 Otto Waalkes (63) and Eva Hassmann (39) after eleven years of marriage. Otto explains: “We have been separated for around three years. We have seen each other too seldom. Often not for months. We just drifted apart. "

"What happened to us every day is what people experience"

The folk music stars Stefanie Hertel (32) and Stefan Mross (36) announced their separation in September - after 17 years. Mross says: "What happened to us every day is what people in the world experience."

"I have certain values ​​that are sacred to me"

In November 2011 Demi Moore (49) drew a line under her six-year marriage to Ashton Kutcher (33), who is said to have cheated on her several times. She wrote: “As a woman, mother and wife, I have certain values ​​that are sacred to me. And in this sense I have now decided to take my life in hand ”.

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