What belongs to the management of medical devices in hospitals

Equipment park

The respective medical orientation of a hospital includes one appropriate medical equipment. However, the existing equipment pool often does not meet the requirements of the current medical strategy concept. On the basis of our decades of experience in medical technology, our extensive maintenance database and our cooperation with hospitals of various sizes and various providers, we can compare the actual requirements with the existing equipment and reflect them in comparable houses.

Based on our Analyzes and ours Cup markings we create a prioritized time and cost plan for the replacement or decommissioning of devices. In doing so, we take into account all aspects, from device utilization to the required functionality, depreciation period, maintenance and servicing, right up to cybersecurity and service life. Based on the optimized total operating costs, we then determine the optimal point in time for decommissioning and, if necessary, for replacing devices.

Our solutions for equipment park management enable intelligent planning of the system replacement and thus a better forecast of the capital requirement taking into account the entire life cycle ‘of the equipment including decommissioning and disposal.