Several directors can register in the TAN application

Our recommendation: online banking with pushTAN

After logging in with your password or your fingerprint, your order will open directly. Here you can check all the data again. Simply type in the TAN on the PC. You can transfer this to the app with just one click.

Finished. Banking with pushTAN is that easy.

The initial registration for pushTAN

Once registered, pushTAN really works perfectly. But the registration itself can be a bit nerve-wracking. But do not panic: We will shed light on the darkness and help you to complete your registration in just a few steps.

  1. Have your online banking access data (login name and PIN) ready. In addition, the pushTAN registration letter with the QR code and your smartphone.
  2. Now download the S-pushTAN app.
  3. Open the S-pushTAN app and select "I have received a registration letter". Then click Next.
  4. The app asks if you can send you notifications. Confirm this with "Allow messages".
  5. Now assign a password and confirm this by entering it again. Optionally, you can also store a fingerprint (Touch ID) or facial recognition (Face ID). This will save you having to enter a password in the future. You should still make a note of this if your fingerprint or face recognition does not work.
  6. Then allow access to your camera. Confirm this with "Allow camera access".
  7. Your camera will start automatically. Now hold your mobile phone over the registration letter and scan the QR code.
  8. In the next screen you will need to confirm your identity. To do this, enter your normal online banking access data (login name and PIN) and select "Confirm identity".

At this point a note for those who already use online banking. With your pushTAN application you had two options:

    1. pushTAN is intended to replace your previous security procedure.
    2. You want to use pushTAN as a second, in addition to the previous procedure.

In case a), log in with your existing login name and PIN. In case b) you have received new login data by letter. Please use this.

Your registration is now complete.

Note: You now have two entrances. Your login name and PIN for online banking in the browser and your self-created password for the S-pushTAN app.