What is a BMD machine

BMD machine for bone mineral density detector, ultrasonic bone densito meter for root bones

1. calibration (correction): automatic calibration of the human body simulation module

2. * Temperature compensation system: Automatically compensates for measurement deviation caused by temperature

3.Built-in reference database: Asian, European, Middle Eastern and African databases

4. * Standard dual USB output, external tablet and built-in thermal printer (suitable for out-of-office operation), connect notebook, desktop can be used, and can output various types of printer output reports.

5. * Adult children double leg shield replacement, and equipped with three foot auxiliary stations, to adapt to different sizes of foot detection.

6. * diagnostic report output; Automatic test data diagnosis, built-in print report output. Diagnostic information can be entered in the diagnostic report, and an external printer output report is also provided. The software supports sending the PACS network system.

7. * Measurement site and probe distance: Automatically adjust the probe measurement distance to direct contact with the heel

8. * Bone Density Software Test System:Child and adult bone density test software, Automatically locates the ultrasonic probe and automatically searches for the best signal. Automatically prompts that the website is set correctly.

9. Completion parameters are complete:

Adults:T value, Z value, age ratio, adult ratio, OPR (measurement repeatability), OI (bone index), SOS (sound rate), BUA (ultrasonic amplitude attenuation)

Children:Z value, BMI (Body Mass Index), altitude prediction, obesity, SOS (sound rate), BUA (ultrasonic amplitude attenuation)

10. * Animation playback function: Children's attention is drawn to the exam, so that the doctor can easily complete the exam.

11. * probe: The oil bubble probe uses special ultrasonic oil as a conductor for measurement. The probe automatically searches for the best signal and does not need to be replaced during the life of the product. It can be used permanently.

12. Language switching: Chinese / English switching. Software style: simple and golden interface optional.