Does BMW have an electric SUV

BMW iX: Car manufacturer launches all-electric SUV with a range of 600 kilometers

With the BMW iX the Munich carmaker presents the Production version of his study iNext. The special thing about it: The vehicle not only has a more competitive engine than previous models. The second all-electric SUV from BMW (after the iX3) also promises one Range of 600 kilometers. Thanks to his 500 hp power it should also accelerate from zero to one hundred in less than five seconds. In addition, the iX offers 200 kW direct current fast charging, which guarantees an 80 percent charge in 40 minutes. With the iX, BMW focuses on the "Shy Tech" strategy: the technology, which is definitely worth seeing, only comes to light when it is used. (Also read: The latest GQ test vehicles - from the elegant E-SUV to the rolling toaster)

The new BMW iX is similar to the X5

As Electric crossover SUV the iX is similar to the X5, but has a lower roofline and a more aerodynamic profile. According to BMW, the car should have the roof height of the X6 and the wheel size of the X7. The design team wanted the exterior to look "clean and robust, almost monolithic, like a well-rounded stone with a few sheared facets," said Adrian van Hooydonk, Design Director at BMW, on the company's website.

The front of the vehicle features a unique take on the traditional BMW kidney grille that incorporates some of the aggressive features of the company's i4 concept sedan.

In the interior of the iX, BMW relies on deceleration

The interior of the iX is designed for a more relaxed "lounge ambience" than for the often sporty aesthetics of BMW. A "Loft on Wheels"as van Hooydonk calls it. Last but not least, the large panoramic glass roof also contributes to this.

There is no classic center console for switching, instead the view in the direction of travel is dominated by a 12.3-inch combination screen and a 14.9-inch control touchscreen. The vehicle is according to the manufacturer the first premium car with built-in 5G capability.

The interior of the BMW iX has a high-quality mix of materials, with the seats with integrated headrests being completely redeveloped. (Also interesting: is the BMW M440i the perfect alternative to the Porsche 911?)

The drive is powerful, fast, environmentally friendly and recyclable

That comes under the hood fifth generation of the eDrive for use. A maximum output of more than 370 kilowatts, equivalent to over 500 hp. According to BMW, the electric motors should be manufactured without rare earths and the high-voltage storage device is also recyclable.

BMW also emphasizes that low power consumption of less than 21 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers. For direct current fast charging (output of up to 200 kilowatts), of course, appropriate charging stations are required. If you haven't found it, a full charge on the usual wallbox (with eleven kilowatts) only takes eleven hours.

Driver assistance function and autonomous driving on the BMW iX

As early as 2019 when the carmaker did iNext concept introduced, he made only vague promises about driver assistance functions. So also a year later. But there is little doubt that the electric SUV with the possibility of Level 2 autonomous driving will be equipped. Specifically, this means that the vehicle has the ability to perform 100 percent of the driving tasks under certain conditions, but the driver must be constantly ready to take control again if necessary. However, BMW has not yet made an official statement. (Also read: VW ID.3 in the test - This is how the Volkswagen e-car pioneer drives)

BMW iX: price and availability

BMW still gave no price recommendation out. However, given the similarities to the X5 SUV, which retails for around 50,000 euros, and the additional cost of making the battery, it seems very likely that the iX will be designed for around 60,000 euros or more could be sold. For comparison: the other e-SUV from BMW, the iX3, starts at 66,300 euros (excluding funding). The launch is for Mid-2021 planned.