Ghosts stare at us at night

When you see ghosts

I don't like the word ghosts. You think of horror tales and white sheets. I would rather say spirit beings: the deceased who make themselves noticeable to the living. As a young woman, I was always terrified when strange characters suddenly appeared in my bedroom. Or when I noticed that I was greeting people on the train who were invisible to other passengers. Over the years I have learned to see my mediumship not as a burden, but as a gift. I know that there is no reason to be afraid of the dead, no matter what their earthly life has been like. They don't want us to harm us, and they don't have the ability to harm us, as we know from horror films.

When I see a spirit being, it is comparable to the projection of a film. Shape and facial features are sometimes clearly visible, sometimes less. Often I only see the phenomenon in my mind's eye. That costs me less energy and is similar to remembering a friend - with the difference that I don't know the person. Most of the time, spiritual beings convey messages to the bereaved who come to my practice because the death of the loved one has left unresolved questions.

The dead know that they are no longer alive, that they are in a different state of being, be it in the astral world or already in the light. They cannot see us (fear not!) When we are in the shower and they have no vocal cords to speak. When I communicate with the deceased, I hear them through my own inner voice.

I am often asked if I can get in touch with famous dead. Unfortunately no, otherwise I would immediately sing a duet with Elvis. It is not I who come into contact with spirit beings, but they come into contact with me. Mostly about the people who come to me to find out about the deceased person. So Elvis' daughter would have to show up at my office so I could speak to the King - if he wanted to.

I was five years old when I first had a visit from my great-grandfather, who died long before I was born. He just showed up in my nursery in Emmental. I didn't know who the man who kept coming back to me was, but I wasn't afraid of him. Why also? He seemed to be part of the family and played with me. What irritated me was that my mother couldn't see the man even when he was standing next to her. The more I told her about him, the clearer it became to her: That must be Grossätti Jakob!

Over the years, other spirits also visited me, probably relatives as well. They appeared out of nowhere, no matter where I was: on the train, in the restaurant, in the bathroom. It was worst when they appeared to me in the night and I saw the outlines of their figure flash before me. I started doing a lot of sports to push my skills off and I practiced the piano for two hours a day. But I still saw beings that I didn't want to see.

The fact that I can talk about it in a relaxed manner today is thanks to important encounters with people who have experienced similar things to me. They showed me how to turn the gift into a task: to take away people's fear of death. Perhaps the most valuable insight I gained in 1994 at a seminar at Findlay College, the famous training center for mediumship in England: the art of switching off. There I learned to retract my antennae when I do not want to be connected to the spiritual world. I also always leave my practice offline. When I'm at home, the spirits have to wait.

Dolly Röschli (43) describes in her book “Hallo, Jenseits” (Wörterseh 2018, 206 pages, approx. 32 francs) how she made the spirits that she did not call her main purpose in life