Killer bees are bad for me

Killer flowers, killer bees

A walker was attacked by bees, he did not survive. The band of bees attacked him and his companion when they paid homage to one of the most beautiful ways of being that exist on God's and human earth, walking.

Apparently they were just peacefully on their way when it happened. They didn't even clumsily trample a nest of earth wasps, as my dog ​​and I did once in a while.We yelped we fled to get nothing more than head shakes from the child and dog owners, then stings were plucked and ours became tumors

mutating, feverish bodies marveled at. But those weren't bees back then either. Wasps only. What, bees, killer bees?

It doesn't work, Biene doesn't, why does Biene mutate into a horror film actress? Have you sipped too many killer goblets from killer flowers? So far she has been our best workforce, at home too. Almost all of them are workers, just like in the good old days, without a wage packet. Most of them don't even have sex, just the bee oaks, who are pollinators by profession. So also more work. And of course the Queen. You can't accuse them of anything in terms of gender. The little bee doesn't just work absurdly like the Sysiphus ant in its hamster wheel, it does something right, namely something for us. Honey.

How magical it is, how magical to be surrounded by such selfless helpers and brownies, profane people call them profane farm animals. Farm animal! How delicately artistically she pollinates a flower, awe grips us. At least recently this has been mentioned with praise, of course, something is emerging, bad signs. Thousands of poor Chinese are already devoting themselves to this fertile, extremely precise activity. Actually, at most, something for Zen Buddhists just before satori. Or bees.

Wasn't it mainly because of them, the contemporary witness reported, that I made the possibly elitist and discriminatory decision to ban pesticide flowers, i.e. virtually all commercially available flowers, from my balcony? Because they are supposedly killer flowers, especially bee killer flowers, and who is responsible for something like that at the last minute? Because of fleuch and Kreuch and hum and hum. every creature may move and develop freely, under the wings of dandelions, nettles and all those migrants who took root. For a long time my organic balcony was lifeless, colorless, power flowers and shrill drama queens were missing, but now I'm being rewarded. Something's going on. Quite a lot.

Life has broken out and comes crawling, from nooks and crannies, over table tops and plates, crawling and tingling everywhere. But instead of being happy about life on planet A, which has been declared dead, I react in an unfriendly manner, no trace of a welcoming culture. I am already calling a ladybird, of all people, an idiot, just because he takes the liberty of being murdered, leaves my friendly finger to plunge into his misfortune, a spider web. Okay, I'll free him, then I feel bad about the networker, she has to live off something. Always these conflicts. Then unknown flying objects land in my wine, an ant avant-garde advances on my book, why don't they stay on their streets? I actually wanted to read. I pick them off one by one.

I hope in the spider. Should she do that, I'll delegate. Make that out between you. I can no longer be the patron saint of every mosquito. This is my flesh, this is my blood. This is taking on unhealthy proportions. Gray-gruesome creatures are now scurrying between the joints of the balcony slabs, what underworld do they come from? You do not introduce yourself to me. I have to think of myself too. Is in every advisor. Before I start spinning, let the spider do that. But it deserted, I ruined its location.

Oh God, what if the bees come on my killer flower-free balcony? The killer bees?

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