How can I start my art collection

Start the art collection - this is how it works!

A Little Beginner's Guide to Starting an Art Collection. If the art world feels like a cold, intimidating, and often very closed place - well, it kind of is. But it is a beautiful world, into the depths of which you can dive and watch how the past communicates with the present.

The key to this world is not out of reach, no matter how small your budget is. It is of course an advantage if we invest in artists before the prices of their works of art rise into the stratosphere. But that doesn't always work and it's not essential for an excellent art collection. Because art offers more than an investment opportunity.

Let it be art!

One of the art collections are gifts, other pieces are investments, and then there are works created by friends or yourself. The big secret of the art world is that somehow there is no art world. It's more about getting to know the landscape, refining its aesthetics and making connections. Fortunately, money is secondary.

Whether you're looking to buy your first major work or just stumble upon an artist's work, all you need is some interest and commitment.

Useful tips

  • Buy what you like - Only invest in works that you can enjoy over the long term. Always view your collection as an inheritance of some kind. Sales should never be forced. The opportunity to sell always arises by itself.
  • Take your time and do your homework - There are always bargains to be found at auctions or charity events. But you should get the best information in advance.
  • Basis for negotiation - Art is a market for lovers. The pricing is based on a small supply and demand basis. Therefore, one should consider comparative prices and negotiate well.
  • Save the money on a poster - If you buy a print of an edition, make sure that it is signed and that the edition is as small as possible.
  • You never get the timing baked - It's hard to keep up with the times unless you're an absolute insider. Following a trend is not productive because every trend comes to an end and tastes change. Hence the tip again: Buy what you like!

Find inspiration

What do I actually like? The answer to this question is not easy to justify. In order to get a well-founded picture, it is worth going to museums or art fairs. Dealers, curators or museum guides look forward to inquisitive people who are genuinely interested. Don't be afraid to ask questions. How is something made? How old is the artist? How well known is he? The exchange is fruitful and you go from being a layperson to an expert faster than you think. Art or the exchange about art broadens your horizons and your own circle of friends, acquaintances and experts.

Alternatively, it is also a good idea to browse through art books.

Put together your own art book collection. The bookshelf is worth it at any time. Put an interesting book on the coffee table. It enables you and your guests or roommates to take a short journey into the world of art. Are you looking for something special? Put down your favorite artist's collection of works.

Don't forget to frame it

When you've found a piece of art that works, it's best to frame it. This not only enhances the work of art, but also protects it from dust, UV rays or other dangers. Do not use adhesive tape and use Plexiglas instead of simple glazing. This can break and damage your work of art. You can often find beautiful frames used in antique shops or online. The frame should match the art (contemporary, modern or e.g. antique) A beautiful canvas, on the other hand, does not always have to be in the frame.

Buy cheap art

Art doesn't always have to be expensive. Like a good wine, the work of art should match the character and tell a story. What could be nicer than telling your own story? Therefore everyone has the opportunity to pick up a brush and be artistically active. Anyone who can try this out first should take part in an uncorked art evening and create a work of art straight away. Here is an overview of some of the masterpieces from the Uncorked Art Evenings.

Alternatively, there are also exciting online platforms that promote young artists, such as ARTPIQ. There is a great price-performance ratio and exciting artists to discover here. The right art advice is also available. Has a collection of over 50,000 works of art at prices suitable for both first-time buyers and seasoned collectors.