Are redheads hot

Knowledge Are red-haired people more sensitive to pain?

Some medical studies and investigations have already dealt with the sensitivity to pain of red-haired people - but so far there has not been a clear result. Among other things, researchers from Denmark and the USA dealt with this topic. Their conclusion: redheads have a different pain perception than blondes or dark-haired people. For example, redheads actually perceive some forms of pain more strongly than people with other hair colors, while others perceive them as less uncomfortable. And: patients with red hair usually need a higher dose of anesthetic during operations!

Redheads are sensitive to hot and cold

In an experiment with a total of 40 women, 20 of them with red hair, 20 with blond or dark hair, the Danish researcher Lars Arendt-Nielsen from the Danish University of Aalborg found that the women all experienced a similar pain sensation when they were given a chilli Cream has been applied to the skin. In a further test with a mechanical stimulus (pressure), the red-haired test subjects reacted even less sensitively than the study participants with other hair colors. However: in another study showed that they react more strongly to some pain stimuli - for example heat or cold - than to others.

The reason for these differences to blond or dark-haired people is on the 16th chromosome of our genome: A minimal mutation blocks the so-called melanocortin receptor 1 (MC1R), which apparently not only leads to the fact that the dye that colors the hair red is produced more becomes. Doctors suspect that this change also affects the perception of pain.