How are social media networks rated

Social networks: An overview of the most important social media platforms

Snapchat takes one Special role under the social networks in this list. This is not a classic social media platform, but rather one Image messaging app. The mobile app for Android and iOS is primarily used to send photos and short videos that have been made with a smartphone or tablet and which can be decorated with animations and other graphic elements. The highlight here: The sent recordingsdelete themselves no later than 10 seconds after playback. However, there are ways and means of restoring and saving them. The app is particularly popular with young people, which is largely due to the transience and the playful possibilities of the image contributions and their quick exchange.

Snapchat has come a long way over the past few years. With the “My Story” function, users can Arrange picture contributions chronologically and thus publish a story. This is for Available 24 hours a daybefore these posts are also automatically deleted. In addition, normal text messages can now also be sent and (video) calls can be made, which means that the app has taken a significant step towards instant messengers.

Marketing via Snapchat is new territory

The popularity of the app has attracted more and more attention from marketing departments. However, it is Social media marketing on Snapchat is still a relatively new field, on which there is currently a lot of experimentation. Some companies (especially in the USA) have created their own account with relevant content for the target group or cooperate with influencers to bring their offers to the target group. Classic advertising videos, on the other hand, have a rather difficult status in the app: The limited user data available from the users makes it extremely difficult to target the advertising precisely, and the clips have to be specially produced in the vertical Snapchat format, which is hardly reusable for any other platform.