What does the CIA know about extraterrestrials

Edward Snowden: "I couldn't find any alien information"

In 2013, former CIA employee Edward Snowden provided a US filmmaker and a Guardian journalist with highly confidential information about the wiretapping and espionage practices of numerous US intelligence agencies, including the CIA, NSA and DIA. British intelligence surveillance programs were also disclosed. The 36-year-old whistleblower, to whom Russia has granted asylum since August 2013, had access to secret data during his work for the US secret services, which no one outside of a relatively small group of people could access.

Extensive search for secrets

So it's no wonder that UFO enthusiasts in particular are interested in what Snowden might have read in the strictly confidential files on the subject of aliens. Now the North Carolina-born computer scientist has for the first time extensively expressed himself about what he had actually found in the CIA networks about the US government's knowledge of aliens - and he has searched for this information in great detail, as he did in his autobiography with the title "Permanent Record" admits.

The result of his relevant research, in which he used a kind of CIA search engine à la Google, among other things, may disappoint many "Area 51" interested parties: "To be clear: From my point of view, aliens have never had them before Visited Earth, or at least they did not contact US intelligence, "Snowden explains in Permanent Record, according to CNN. According to his knowledge, contrary to all speculation, the US government really knows nothing about intelligent extraterrestrial life.

"Had extensive access to secret networks"

In a recent interview with Joe Rogan, Snowden reiterated these statements: "I found no evidence of extraterrestrials," he explains. "I had ridiculously extensive access to secret networks of the NSA, the CIA, the military and all these groups - I couldn't find anything like that. So if they are hiding something about this - and they could - then it is really very well hidden. even from those who are part of the system. "

Moon landing: yes - chemtrails: no

Snowden also comments on numerous other conspiracy theories: "In case you've asked yourself: Yes, people really landed on the moon, climate change is real, and chemtrails probably don't exist." Given that Edward Snowden was able to reveal a de facto extremely secret surveillance program, it seems plausible that he could have uncovered the US "alien secrets" - if they really existed. (tberg, red, October 31, 2019)