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Better not to go: the cities with the dirtiest air

Greenpeace and AirVisual have evaluated tens of thousands of weather stations around the world and examined the air quality of several cities. The results of the investigation are worrying. Air pollution is so advanced in many parts of the world that it kills thousands of lives every year. India is particularly badly hit.

Cities in India have the worst air in the world

The city with the worst air quality in the world is called Gurugram and is a suburb of the mega-metropolis New Delhi in India. With around 877,000 inhabitants, it is not one of the largest cities in the country, but when it comes to air pollution, Gurugram is unbeaten number one in the world.

With an average pollution value of 135.8 in 2018, the city's air is definitely unhealthy. In several months of the past year, the air was even classified as "very unhealthy".

The main cause of this unhealthy air is fine dust, also known as PM 2.5. This arises en masse in India, among other things through the daily burning of plastic, which is even used for heating.

Smog in the air costs human lives

What is particularly striking in the Greenpeace investigation is that almost all cities are in the top 50 most polluted places in the world in India, Pakistan and China.

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The metropolises of these countries are not infrequently the place of manufacture of countless products for the world market. Huge chimneys blow exhaust gases into the environment, and there is often a lack of awareness of environmental protection.

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According to Greenpeace, air pollution will kill around seven million people in the next year. Yeb Sano, Director of Greenpeace in Southeast Asia, said, “We want this report to make people think about the air we breathe because if we understand the impact air quality has on our lives, we will take action take action to protect what matters most. "

Air pollution in German cities is moderate

According to the study by Greenpeace and AirVisual, the air in German cities is “only” moderately polluted. The city with the worst air quality in 2018 is called Spremberg, a small town in Brandenburg. The poor result can possibly be explained by the neighboring lignite power station.

The report makes it clear that the world's air pollution is extremely uneven and that there is often no access to information about the importance of air quality, according to Greenpeace.

Quite a few cities have air values ​​that are three times higher than the values ​​that the World Health Organization classifies as "healthy". The environmental organization calls for action.