Life in Mexico is pointless

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Compared to other Latin American countries, Mexico is currently doing well economically. However, it is mainly foreign companies who complain about the rampant corruption.

From: Stephan Lina

Status: 08/29/2016

According to new studies, this economy costs Mexico up to 10 percent of the gross domestic product every year. According to a survey by the International Monetary Fund, corruption costs the world economy around two percent of its economic output every year.

The most corrupt country in Latin America

Investments are too expensive, money is being sunk in pointless projects, the rule of law is being undermined. Mexico plays a particularly inglorious role here. According to figures from the national authority against corruption, the value here is five times the global average, i.e. 10 percent. The organization Transparency International describes the country as the most corrupt in Latin America.

Journalists live dangerously

A Forbes corruption list includes high-ranking politicians and heads of authorities and trade unions. This slows the economy down, as many entrepreneurs are very hesitant to invest. They lack confidence in the rule of law, as bribery is often not punished. Whistleblowers or journalists who uncover such cases, on the other hand, have to fear for their lives. A reporter who brought to light a case involving the governor of the state of Veracruz was recently murdered.