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Rap, hip-hop, reggae, Bavarian music, German rap, German Schlager or classical music: Theo, Franziska, Teresa, Karla and Florian tell you which music they prefer to listen to and why they like it.

Theo (16) from Jülich: "English rap sounds better!"

Theo | © private

“My favorite music is rap, hip-hop and reggae music. I like that the lyrics are often like poetry. The musicians sing about their feelings and criticize society. Sometimes the songs are also about drugs or crime. I like that the lyrics are of a very high standard. And I think the beat of the pieces of music is great - I'm a big fan of drums! But mostly I listen to English music - that just sounds better than German, I think. I hear my favorite music everywhere: at home in bed, on the train or in the car.

Especially when I'm sad or angry or tired. The songs make me happy again. I often find new rappers on the Internet on YouTube. When I hear the songs, most of the time they are not on the radio. My latest tip: The song "Stolen Dance" by the Berlin singer Milky Chance. "

Milky Chance - Stolen Dance

Franziska (22) from Engelsberg near Traunstein: "I listen to Bavarian music to learn!"

Franziska | © private

“I think music from Germany, especially from Bavaria, is particularly great. Because hardly anyone knows the music, the bands are not so commercial. You can tell in the music, I think. Chris Columbus or Kellersteff sing in the Bavarian dialect - that sounds authentic. The lyrics are about funny rascal stories from the Bavarian province. The musicians sing about what they have experienced themselves. It's often about being free and going out into the world. That's why I like to listen to music while driving or when I'm studying. I've been to concerts with my favorite bands five times. Often these are small Bavarian festivals where several artists play. The atmosphere was always great and thrilling! My current discovery: The song "Wenn da Wind waht" by Chris Columbus. "

Chris Columbus - When the Wind blows (live)

Teresa (14) from Mühldorf: "I find German songs more expressive!"

Teresa | © private

“Two years ago a friend showed me a song by Prince Pi. I immediately liked the music because of the good lyrics. They are about life and everything that goes with it. I also like the rhythms of the songs. They always fit: when traveling by train, doing sports or falling asleep. I need the music to relax or to relive memories. I like German songs better than English ones because the lyrics are better and the songs are more expressive. I also like the rappers Marteria and Minimal. I discovered a lot of what I hear on YouTube. I've already been to two concerts by my favorite rapper Prinz Pi. It was particularly good in Berlin: The concert was in a small location with real fans. My current favorite song is “Waves” by Robin Schulz. That brings me back summer! "

Video: Prinz Pi - compass without north

Karla (15) from near Freiburg: "I like music that brings people together!"

Karla | © private

“It's probably unusual, but I love German hits. A lot of people in my class laugh about it, but I don't care. Schlager is just my taste in music. I don't really like the party hits that everyone sings along while drunk. I like older songs from cover bands, Wolfgang Petry or the Flippers better. I live in the country, so we often hear that at village festivals. The music always creates a good mood. It brings people together. I hear Schlager in the morning on the bus on the way to school - I'm in a good mood right away. The songs are about love and trust. But I don't just listen to hits: I recently went to a concert with Sean Paul. Nevertheless, I found the mood at the pop concerts better because everyone knows the lyrics by heart and sings along. I think Helene Fischer is particularly great at the moment. It even made it into the normal charts with hits. "

Video: Helene Fischer - phenomenon

Florian (17) from Mühldorf: "Classical music touches me!"

Florian | © private

“In the 6th grade I really liked a piece in the music class, so I listened to it on the internet. As a suggestion, a recording of my current favorite pianist came from YouTube: Valentina Lisitsa. I heard the piece and thought to myself: I want to be able to play the piano just as well. The pianist has been my idol ever since. I've also been to one of her concerts. The atmosphere was wonderful and the people applauded like I've never seen before. But I also like to go to the opera. The best I think is the Magic Flute by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. I prefer German opera. Many people say that German is not a song language. But the great composers were often Germans or Austrians. This culture is very important in classical music. I like that classical music is so honest. It creates direct feelings and touches people immediately. "

Video: Valentina Lisitsa - Beethoven Moonlight Sonata

Christina Kufer conducted the interviews.