What reminds you of your mother

These 6 things could become the best memories for you as a mom!

Most of the time you don't even notice yourself how quickly time flies. We break out of our everyday hamster wheel so rarely that the days and weeks seem to flow into one another. However, you can see in children how fast time is actually running. Before you know it, our little babies are already going to kindergarten or school.

As a mom, you naturally want to give your loved ones lots of wonderful memories for their later life. However, if you remember your own childhood, it is often very simple or everyday things that get stuck. Therefore, here are 6 simple things that could later become your best memories of being a mum.


Lunch together, a bath before going to bed or a very specific bedtime story - rituals are extremely important not only for children. We also benefit from a certain routine. This creates little rays of light in everyday life that you can look forward to anew every day. This is exactly what could shape some of your most precious memories later, for example at bedtime, when the children are already in bed and tell you about their day. So simple and yet so special.

Proud moments

Our children's hobbies, especially when they are a bit older, can cost us a lot of time. They have to be driven to training or rehearsals, costumes have to be tinkered or sewn, occasionally the parents have to bake something and then there are performances or championships. But it is precisely these special experiences in which the skills of the little ones are put to the test, are not only very important for your children, but also for you. You will burst with pride when you see what your children have already achieved. If there is something to celebrate, celebrate it too! That way, moments like this are more likely to be remembered.


It may sound crazy, but difficulties that we had to overcome together are the things that stay in our memories - and mostly in a positive way. But if you think about it, it makes sense: on the one hand, we are proud of ourselves when we have mastered a problem, and on the other hand, it bonds people together when they have to work towards something together.

So if your child is going through a very exhausting phase for you because they are teething or because they suddenly only want to drink from blue cups and in principle do not want to leave the house without their yellow rubber boots, you can comfort yourself with the fact that you will one day come with them think back to your partner and laugh.


Whether kiwi, mousebread or crumbs - the nicknames you give your little ones in childhood will not only stick with them, you will also remember them fondly. On the one hand, because nicknames are mostly related to a funny anecdote and on the other hand they show your affection and love and sometimes also express belonging. After all, only you know this nickname (or only you as mom are allowed to use it) and the rest of the world has to address your muscles by their first name or a modified form of it. If Mucki is already 1.90 m tall, however, you have hopefully dropped the nickname.


Sometimes a little something is enough to be a very special memory for us - as long as it is repeated over and over again. It could be anything: a book that you read every Christmas, a funny song that everyone sings together on long car journeys or even a certain dish that you always prepare for the children when they are sick. Suddenly these little things become indispensable and you can no longer imagine Christmas without this book, for example. Such memories will be very special to you later, especially when your children look back on them lovingly one day or even continue this tradition with their children.

Family shots

In the age of cell phone cameras, photos and videos have somehow lost their value. Recordings are stored in the mobile phone, maybe a copy is even saved on a hard drive for security, but then these recordings disappear and are never seen again. Pity! Just think how much fun these videos will give you in 30 years. Suddenly you can see how much everyone has changed. You experience how you lived back then and remember a lot of long-forgotten details. There is no need for a special occasion for a video. In 30 years the shots from everyday life are the most exciting anyway. So: pull out your cameras and film a whole day in your life. You will be very grateful to yourselves for this later.

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