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Uganda trip - are you ready for the pearl of Africa?

Uganda round trip - Experience the highlights of the country

In order to experience as much of Uganda as possible, a round trip through the country is a good idea. Your Uganda trip can be relaxed, adventurous or a mixture of both. On extended hiking tours through the rainforest or national parks you will not only encounter all kinds of wild animals, the flora is also extremely interesting and the waterfalls Sipi Falls and Murchison Falls are definitely a highlight. On the numerous rivers and lakes of Uganda relaxed boat tours can be undertaken, during which hippos, crocodiles or other animals can be observed. Those who like it a little faster can choose activities such as white water rafting and kayaking, the rapids along the White Nile, for example, offer the best conditions for this. Bird lovers will also get their money's worth on a Uganda trip, as rare bird species can be observed both in the forests and on the water. But the country not only has a lot to offer in terms of landscape. There is also a lot to discover in terms of culture and urban technology. You will be able to explore both the old capital of Uganda, Entebbe, and the current capital, Kampala, on your tour. You can also discover the delicacies of the country, for example at one of the large markets. You have the opportunity to get to know the traditional culture better by visiting a few villages, including pygmy villages. Temples and cave paintings bear witness to the history of the country and its people.