Is Forsenic Science good for MPC students

This learning booklet is aimed at all students of economics who want to prepare thoroughly for a written exam in the field of private business law. All the basics of the BGB (general part, law of obligations and property law, etc.) are discussed. So that the reader can read the legal topics well, the core contents of the legal texts are always clearly explained using examples and supplemented with appropriate tasks. The topics relevant to the examination are presented in full in the study booklet and repeated in the form of a legal case study. With topic-related fill-in-the-blank texts and MPC tasks, the core content should be further deepened and practiced. Thanks to the QR codes, there are over 15 topic-based explanatory videos from DIE MERKHILFE available to you as supplementary learning material. To do this, scan the QR code with your smartphone or tablet and watch the appropriate learning video on the topic. This way you will receive a mixture of theory and practice that will prepare you as best as possible for your upcoming exam in private commercial law.
ISBN / GTIN978-3-947506-41-5
Publication country Germany
Publishing date18 / 10/2020
Table of Content1) Introduction2) Legal terms of the BGB3) The legal transaction4) Void and contestable legal transactions5) The representative 6) Obligations7) Disruptions8) Limitation of claims9) Property law10) Legal case processing