A Black Hawk helicopter with glass cockpit passed the evaluation tests

Promising multipurpose helicopter UH-60V Black Hawk went operational and evaluation tests. As writes Flightglobal, they were carried out at the landfill base of the US Army “Fort Lewis” in Washington state and was considered completely successful.

Version of the UH-60V is a modernized version of the outdated UH-60L. The main difference of the upgraded version are a fully digital cockpit and control, unified with the modern multi-purpose helicopters UH-60M.

Upgrade to the UH-60V will allow the us military to abandon separate training pilots who now have to separately study management UH-60L and the UH-60M. In addition, the equipment for the UH-60V is compatible with global air traffic management. Resource of the fuselage is increased by 10 years compared with the resource of the UH-60L.

After evaluation, the US Army plans to order the upgrade of about 700 helicopters UH-60L to version UH-60V. Small-scale production of upgrade kits, developed by Northrop Grumman, has already begun.

Earlier it became known that experts of the US air force together with the American company Sikorsky has tested advanced helicopter for the combat rescue HH-60W Jolly Green II extreme temperatures. The car was tested in a specialized hangar heat, cold, high humidity and dust.

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