A box for parcels equipped with a screen and camera

The German-French company LivingPackets introduced a new version of smart mail boxes for parcels. It is built-in terminal with the screen on electronic ink, which displays information about the package and unlocks the lock, and inside there are sensors to monitor the status of the parcel, according to New Atlas.

Today, email has become much smarter than it was a few decades ago. For example, many operators and transport nodes maintain systems to track parcels and allow sender and receiver to understand, which is about their package. In recent years, strongly develops the technology of shipping and in some places, including in the suburbs, the delivery robots. But the parcel has not changed as much and still represent paper envelopes, plastic bags or cardboard boxes.

The company LivingPackets created a more sophisticated box for parcels under the name of THE BOX. The housing has a polymer base and an outer layer of foamed polypropylene. Top and one end of the housing parts is a lid that you can open to get the goods, or fold to the box took up much less space.

At the end of a large screen e-ink and a few buttons for the sender or recipient of the parcel. The screen displays an electronic version of the postal marking with bar codes, address and other data to the postal workers and automatic conveyors. After the buyer received the package, he can take it, so it can be reused thousands of times. Thus the box is not necessary to glue the label — instead, it independently changes the data on the display.

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