A hypersonic missile “Zircon” test launch from a submarine

Promisingn hypersonic cruise missile “Zircon” in the framework of the program of state tests will be first launched multipurpose nuclear submarine of project 885 “Ash” from a submerged position. As reported by TASS, citing a source in the military-industrial complex, the launch will be made from the submarine “Severodvinsk”.

The exact launch date of “Zircon” from the submarine “Severodvinsk” is not yet defined. It is planned that in the framework of the state tests will be carried out three or four missile launch from a frigate “Admiral Gorshkov”.

The development of missiles “Zircon” is from 2011, and flight tests of ammunition are conducted 2015. The new warhead will be used to defeat surface ships equipped with systems of air and missile defense, which can effectively intercept modern supersonic anti-ship cruise missiles.

In addition, the “Zircon” will be able to hit ground targets. Tests of cruise missiles by shooting at a target located on the shore, was held in January 2020. During these trials of the frigate “Admiral Gorshkov” project 22350, the missile hit a target on shore the destruction of 500 kilometers.

Presumably “Zircon” — a two-stage rocket, in which to set the speed used solid rocket motor. After switching off the installation included solid fuel ramjet engine. According to unconfirmed reports, the missile’s range is from 400 to 600 kilometers.

Hypersonic missiles “Zircon” is scheduled to be included in the armament of nuclear submarines of the fifth generation project “Husky”, the heavy nuclear missile cruiser “Peter the Great” and “Admiral Nakhimov” project 1144 “Orlan” destroyers of the project 23560 Leader, submarine project “Ash” and a heavy aviabearing cruiser “Admiral Kuznetsov” project 1143.5 “Krechet”.

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