A layer of infrared reflector under the paint cooled black surface at 15 degrees

The materials scientists have developed a new approach to the application of coloured two-layer surfaces, where the lower polymer layer increases the reflection of solar light in the infrared range, thus as the top layer, you can use latex paint. Using this approach, scientists have been able to reach for black paint lower the temperature of 15.6 degrees Celsius in a closed environment and by 6.4 degrees outdoors. Article published in the journal Science Advances.

Engineers often use energy intensive methods for cooling buildings, machines, and servers. In the US, for example, 15 percent of all energy for household use is spent on cooling homes. Moreover, these cooling plants alone produce more heat than cool, and use reagents that Deplete the ozone layer or increase greenhouse gases.

Cooling due to radiation by special coatings is considered to be one of the promising approaches. High reflectivity reduces surface heating from solar radiation, and its large emissivity allows to effectively dissipate the excess heat. This method allows the surface and hide her volume to stay cool even in direct sunlight. For example, scientists use a metal mirror or white paint with high reflectivity, but in real application they restrict the possible colors of the buildings and deprive them of aesthetics and functionality. Moreover, reflected light can irritate the eyes of people passing by. For this reason, recently received the development of painted radiative coolers, which are part of the visible light is absorbed by the paint to obtain desired color and the rest of the solar light in particular, the area between the near and shortwave IR, responsible for 51 percent of the sunlight is reflected. In such systems the standard reflector of the waves in the IR band is considered to be titanium dioxide, but it absorbs in the shortwave part of the IR range, and therefore do not end up fulfilling its function of reflector of thermal radiation. The problem of cooling such systems is to scale layered structures in porous and textured surface complex forms of houses and cars.

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