A Loon balloon has set a record flight duration

The stratospheric P-496 American company Loon, “daughter” of holding Alphabet set a record flight duration. According to the message of the company, the aircraft, launched 18 November 2018 from Puerto Rico, held in the air 223 days; experts picked him up July 2, 2019 in the region of ICA in Peru. The previous record of stratospheric Loon was 198 days.

During its stay in the air, the stratospheric P-496 fully circled the Earth, and spent about 140 days off the coast of South America, checking the algorithms hold position relative to the earth’s surface. In total, the unit flew just over 180 thousand kilometers.

Specialists Loon announced that they intend to perform flight data P-496 as well as other stratosphere. The results of the analysis will be used in finalizing the stratosphere to increase the duration of their flight.

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