A new species of rattlesnake are named in honor of Salazar Slytherin

Indian scientists have described a new species of kufii, or maplegrove snake (Trimeresurus) is a genus of poisonous snakes of the subfamily rattlesnakes (Crotalinae): creeper got the name T. salazar in honor of Salazar Slytherin, one of the founders of the school “Hogwarts” from the series of books from Harry Potter. The snake lives in the North-East of India, in the region of Arunachal Pradesh, where just a year ago was discovered related species T. arunachalensis: apparently, the fauna in this area needs careful study and description, write the scientists in Zoosystematics & Evolution.

Maplegrove snakes mostly live in Western and South-Western parts of Asia, and since the genus in 1804, described 48 different species. 15 of them found in India, and seven in the North-Eastern regions. The description of the different types of snakes kobegenovich complicated due to the fact that morphologically they are quite similar — so the snake diversity in the region may be underestimated.

New keffiyeh T. salazar, described by scientists under the leadership of Hersilia Patel (Harshil Patel) from the University of South Gujarat Narmada name Viira, was discovered only a few months after another kufii snakes of the species T. arunachalensi. Both species inhabit the same areas — the North-Eastern Indian region of Arunachal Pradesh. On the generic identity of the newfound species of the snake indicated the analysis of mitochondrial DNA — regulation of gene ND4 genes and ribosomal RNA 16S.

The closest new look turned out to T. septentrionalis — this kind of kufi was described in 1977. In contrast to the sister species with T. salazar more teeth on the lower jaw and on the inner part of the upper jaw, and males distinguished by the presence of orange or reddish stripes on the head (it runs just under the eye) and short hemipenial — pair reproductive organ.

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