A shot to the chest


In 2016, the whole world saw on the back of the American swimmer and multiple Olympic champion Michael Phelps round bruises, familiar, seems, anyone who was born in the USSR or soon after its collapse. It was traces of cans, which, according to the Phelps and his coach, help recovery.

By the way, even before the 2016 Olympics, but with less resonance such that the traces showed the actress Gwyneth Paltrow, singer Justin Bieber and other stars of show business.

Where are the round bruises? Due to banks generated negative pressure. Into the banks briefly placed an open flame and immediately press it to the body of the patient while cooling the heated air tends to shrink, and the skin is sucked into the jar. Sometimes the air is evacuated from the jar by means of a special device.

There are other methods of cupping therapy: pulsating banks, mobile banks (they can be moved thanks to pre-applied on the skin oil), and others.

In the USSR the banks for recovery of muscle activity typically did not put. But they recommended that when false croup, pneumonia, and various bronchial asthma (such testimony is in the book Julia Dombrowski the “Diseases of the respiratory system in children” in 1957, in “Textbook of pediatric diseases”, 1958 under the editorship of Viktor Vlasov, in “Textbook of children’s diseases” of 1940 by Mikhail Maslov).

Pneumonia seems to have been the main candidate for the treatment of banks. She was frequently mentioned in the Soviet textbooks as a disease for which therapy to use them. In today, banks often consider as a remedy for pneumonia, COPD, bronchitis and other similar conditions.

In addition, banks were considered an integral part of the home kit. For example, in the book of ASI Ecoway “Our life through the eyes of a physician” (published in 1984 and then in 1991) stated that their use “increases the body’s resistance. Inflammatory foci rapidly absorbed, and with the chamber decreasing pain.”

But such native us banks appeared in the medical world is not because of the instructions of the Soviet doctors. And not even from the practice of Chinese medicine, how often they write (though there banks are really common, and they are put in given acupuncture points). On the banks knew in Ancient Egypt and in the ancient world.

Today, in addition to China, the banks are in Vogue in many Muslim countries, where it has its own version of their use called “hijama”. In fact, this mixture therapy with banks and bloodletting. When hecame before you put the jar on the human body, the skin is incised or punctured, to the blood coming out with all the “toxins”.

In these countries, with cans still treated to an incredible array of diseases and conditions: hypertension (high blood pressure), consequences of stroke, metabolic syndrome, constipation, acne, tinea versicolor and, of course, different kinds of muscle, joint and other pains (in the neck, back, hand, osteoarthritis, migraine).

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