Active and colored electronics have napisali on the wall

American and British engineers have developed a relatively simple method that allows you to create on the walls and almost any surface large active interfaces. The user creates the program the right interface and retrieves the schema to create stencils and then use them and cans napisat on the wall of the conductive composition and the paint. The article will be presented at the conference CHI 2020.

The researchers engaged in the study of human-computer interaction, suggest different scenarios for the development of interfaces, one of which is that in the future many of them will be organically integrated into the world and inseparable from the interior. In some species such interfaces already exist. For example, there are mirrors with built-in screen for news and tables with built-in wireless charging. But in General, this concept is still poorly developed and difficult to realize in the form of house draft.

Engineers under the direction of Stefanie Mueller (Stefanie Mueller) from the Massachusetts Institute of technology learned how to create a sprayable, electrical interfaces that can be tailored to a specific project, but also the size and shape of the original surface. The developers have created a plugin for the popular 3D editor Blender.

In it, the user first creates a 3D model of the object on which he plans to drop the interface, such as a wall. After that he can select the desired standard electrical components such as touch sensor, slider, followed by a luminous region and the conductive paths, and build an electrical circuit of the device. Then if you want you can create a separate visual layer of the device, which will consist of conventional paints. By the way, electrical and graphic layer can differ in size and shape, which gives more freedom in the design.

After user created all the models, he can export them and get the sketches for the stencils, which can then be cut out using plotter cutting, or other method. In addition, the program can export the virtual stencils are images that can be displayed on the surface using pre-calibrated projector.

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