Aerogel turned the laser in the lamp

Scientists have created a white light source based on laser using aerogel. Laser lamps are better than others, but now they use a phosphor which is short-lived and reduces efficiency. The new design will allow you to create a reliable, economical and compact sources of bright light. Article published in the journal Nature Communications.

The laser is a very efficient light source, its efficiency can reach 70 percent, and engineers have not yet approached the theoretical limit. But in its pure form the lasers for illumination, for two reasons: first, they study in a very narrow range of frequencies (a single color), and secondly, their highly directional beam.

In order to overcome these limitations, in existing laser lamps laser shining on a phosphor that fluoresces in a different color. If, for example, laser blue, and the phosphor glows yellow, the result is their sum gives the desired white light.

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