Airbus has developed a case for the Central panel of the A350. It will protect it from spilled coffee

European aircraft manufacturer Airbus has developed a waterproof cover on the Central panel in the cockpit of a passenger plane A350. As writes Flightglobal, the case must protect the Central panel and controls located in it, the chance of spilled drinks. The case is made removable. According to the requirement of the European aviation safety Agency, all of the airlines in the Park which is the A350, should equip them with the waterproof covers over the next 28 days.

At the end of 2019 — beginning of 2020, there have been two incidents with the liners A350-900, which during the flight, suddenly came off the engines. Preliminary results of the investigation showed that before shutting down the engines with a Central panel located between the pilots entered contradictory commands. It turned out that in both cases, the pilots accidentally spilled a drink on the Central panel, causing the closure of the contacts of bodies of control placed on them.

In January 2020, Airbus and the British company Rolls-Royce started to investigate these incidents. It is not yet fully completed, but Airbus already has made corrections to the flight manual A350, making the area around the Central panel in the list of zones where it is forbidden the consumption of beverages. Flashgateway case was also developed as a temporary workaround until the investigation is completed.

According to the requirements of the European aviation safety Agency, the case should be installed on the Central panel of the A350 not for the duration of the flight. During takeoff, the approach to the destination airport and landing pilots must take off the case because it completely covers the part of the authorities of the Central panel. At the time of cruise flight on the route, when most of the controls on the Central panel is not used, the cover should be installed. The request of the Agency, on the use of case also is temporary.

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