Airbus introduced the model passenger “blended wing”

European aircraft manufacturer Airbus has presented the flight model of a passenger plane, made on a “blended wing” and used as a demonstrator and for the development of new technologies of robust control. According to the message aviakontserna, the model is called MAVERIC (Model Aircraft for Validation and Experimentation of Robust Innovative Controls, aircraft model for validation and experimentation in the field of innovative robust control).

Modern passenger aircraft are assembled according to the traditional scheme, which can be roughly described as “cigar plus wing.” “Blended wing” is a type of aerodynamic configuration “flying wing”. In contrast to the latter “mixed wing” fuselage is well defined and due to the smooth flows goes into a triangular wing. The “flying wing” fuselage is reduced, and its role is played by the very wing that carries all of the units, goods and people.

According to various estimates, “blended wing” will have a 15 percent greater load capacity than aircraft classic aerodynamic scheme of comparable size. In 2016, researchers from the Institute of aerospace Sciences at the University of Toronto have carried out calculations of fuel consumption for new designs of gliders passenger aircraft. According to the results of calculations, in particular, it was found that the fuel consumption of large aircraft, made under the scheme “composite wing” will be 10.9 percent less than a comparable size conventional wide-body aircraft.

MAVERIC model of Airbus has a length of 2 meters and a wingspan of 3.2 meters. The total area of the glider is 2.25 square meters. According to the authors, a passenger plane made on a “blended wing” will be up to 20 percent more economical than comparable size conventional narrow-body aircraft. MAVERIC flight tests conducted from June 2019. Planned to be completed until the end of the second quarter of 2020.

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