All Russian schools will be equipped with facial recognition system

schools will be equipped with facial recognition and threat event — for example, fires. Facial recognition will allow you to control the movement and visits of students and staff, as well as to prevent the building of strangers. Each school will have installed about 20 cameras linked to Orwell. Camera for it is already used in more than 1,600 schools, and in the future will go to all other schools in the country, reported “Vedomosti”.

Many video surveillance systems in developed cities are already connected to the systems of recognition. This allows you to not just record everything happening in front of them, and can draw on the frame of the face and match them with the database. Typically, the mapping occurs with the database of suspects who are wanted. For example, so applied face detection in the Moscow metro. Also they are beginning to be used as a replacement of gaps, including in our country: we in detail told about the testing of automatic passport control at the Moscow airport and tested the system passes to the office.

The newspaper “Vedomosti” with reference to public procurement and representatives of the companies said that now the facial recognition system is deployed in alln schools. Each of these will be installed about 20 cameras, most are located in corridors and stairs, and the part will also monitor adjacent to the building territory to keep track of approaching people.

The cameras will transmit data to the system Orwell, developed by ZAO “ELVIS-Neotek”. She is responsible for aggregating data and for initial processing, including detection of fires and things people left behind. In General system will also be integrated with a face recognition module FindFace from the company NtechLab.

According to statements, the system will provide security in the schools, to pass only students, employees and other people allowed to enter the building and to consider their visit. NtechLab also said that a database of persons is stored locally, and to any person student or teacher you will need his consent. It is unknown whether people continue to attend school in the event of a failure.

Chinese authorities went further in the implementation of computer vision systems in schools. In 2018 in one of the schools in the city of Hangzhou has launched a pilot project in which cameras are installed in classrooms and used for emotion recognition. Data is used to divide the pupils into two classes: the attentive and distracted.

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