Amateur astronomer from South Africa saw a new convective storm on Jupiter

Amateur astronomer Clyde foster from South Africa found on Jupiter rich in methane convective storm. By coincidence, two days later, the station “Juno” made 27 scheduled flight nearby, which allowed us to obtain a detailed image of the spot of the Clyde, reported on the website NASA.

Probe “Yunona” exploring the atmosphere and magnetosphere of Jupiter, and also collects information about the internal structure of the gas giant. Automatic interplanetary station was launched from Earth in August 2011 and reach Jupiter until the middle of 2016. It was originally planned that the device will operate until 2018, but then the mission was extended until 2021. Read more about the mission’s goals, read our article “Juno, give me strength!”, and theme portal NASA is possible to see with a regularly updated gallery of the JunoCam camera mounted on Board the probe.

Clyde foster (Clyde Foster) of the Astronomical society of South Africa the early morning of may 31 he looked at Jupiter through a telescope mounted with a filter sensitive to the emission spectrum of methane. It is noteworthy that the new spot was not seen by astronomers from Australia, observing Jupiter a few hours earlier.

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