Amazing infinity was under threat of extinction

Valcuvia amazing in the coming decades may be on the verge of extinction. The government of Namibia’s efforts to protect this species, but its populations are already in decline — they have a lot of sick animals and too little scientists project that global climate change can derive its habitat beyond the temperature tolerance. Relevant findings are contained in a Preprint posted on the bioRxiv site.

Infinity awesome (Welwitschia mirabilis) is an ancient gymnosperm plant that is both relict and endemic to the Namib desert. It is a long-lived (lifespan can reach 1500 years or more) dwarf tree that grows only two leaves throughout the life. In desert ecosystems, the infinity plays the most important role of edificators that provide water, food and shelter to many animals. The government of Namibia protect this species, and trade in them is prohibited. However, recently researchers have suggestedthat Welwitschia mirabilis threatened by potential danger from change of temperature conditions in its habitat.

Scientists under the leadership Bomb Pierluigi (Pierluigi Bombi) from the National research Council of Canada investigated the impact of climate change on populations of Welwitschia mirabilis in the Northern part of the Namib desert. For this, they made geobotanical descriptions in the area in may 2019, capturing data on the location of plants, the fertility and size.

Only 1330 botanists described plants that formed the 12 scattered across the landscape populations — the authors have combined them into separate ecological unit — the Northern subspecies. 12 percent of belevichi was in a poor state (which corresponds to health problems and low fertility rate), 10 per cent good, seven per cent dead. The state of the remaining plants was estimated as average. Only 56 percent of wallichii was discovered bumps.

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