American demonstrator supersonic liner will fly on synthetic fuel

The American company Boom Supersonic plans to conduct flight tests of the demonstrator supersonic transport aircraft of the XB-1, the rollout of which is planned for summer of this year, using a synthetic fuel. As written by Aviation Week, the supply of such fuel will do Prometheus Fuels startup, recently signed an investment agreement with the carmaker BMW.

Synthetic fuel is considered as an environmentally neutral fuel, since it is in the process of combustion does not affect the balance of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The fact that for the production of such a fuel is carbon dioxide.

Prometheus Fuels plans to use for the production of synthetic fuels carbon dioxide captured from the atmosphere. Details about the synthesis process fuel the startup did not disclose. The company only said that the installation of the synthesis gas will be powered by solar and wind power plants.

Usually in such installations for the synthesis of fuels is hydrogen, which is obtained by electrolysis of water. This hydrogen is mixed with carbon monoxide, obtained by splitting of carbon dioxide to form synthesis gas. The synthesis gas in a special reactor is converted to liquid fuel. The transformation occurs by the process of Fischer — Tropsch.

In Prometheus Fuels stated that synthetic fuels can completely replace fossil fuel, not to use mixtures, as is done today on the test aircraft. Will do the XB-1’s first flight on synthetic fuel or it will be used in later stages of testing, is still unknown.

The development of the XB-1 has been ongoing since 2010 years. Technology gained in this project, Boom Supersonic plans to use in the construction of advanced supersonic passenger aircraft Overture, designed to carry 55-75 passengers depending on configuration. It is planned to start commercial operation in the middle of the 2020-ies.

The length of the XB-1 is 20.7 meters, and the wingspan is 5.2 metres. The estimated cruising speed of the new plane is 2.2 Mach number and the flight range is 1.9 thousand kilometers. Maximum takeoff weight of the demonstrator is 6.1 tons. The aircraft is equipped with only a two-seater cockpit.

Informed the Danish airport Kastrup, working in Copenhagen, has created a consortium, which will manufacture environmentally neutral synthetic fuel for ground airfield equipment, ships and passenger aircraft. It is planned that by 2030 the share of synthetic fuels in the total consumption of the airport of Copenhagen will amount to at least 30 percent.

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