American underwater robot explode Atlantic. He overcame 22744 kilometers

Autonomous underwater vehicle Slocum G2 Glider, developed by the American company Teledyne Webb Research, has made a circular journey on the Atlantic ocean cover in total 22744 miles. According to the message of the company, to float is the distance the robot took more than four years. Atlantic journey underwater vehicle made in four stages, after each of which he passed to clean the case and replace the onboard battery.

A long Autonomous navigation is one of the ways to check navigation equipment and onboard systems for underwater robots in a real environment. Some of the developers of Autonomous underwater vehicles resorted to this kind of checks to demonstrate the reliability of their products. In particular, then Foundation for advanced development intends to conduct a test created by an underwater robot passage along the Northern sea route, whose length is about 14 thousand kilometers.

Robot Slocum G2 Glider, committed the Atlantic voyage, was assembled in 2011 and received the name of “La Gomera” in honor of the language in addition to learning of Homero, whistling language used by the inhabitants of the Canary island of La Gomera to communicate across the island of deep gorges and narrow valleys. The first journey the robot has made in 2011 from Iceland to the Canary Islands. In 2016, the apparatus was modernized. In particular, it established a new higher capacity battery.

Solcum G2 Glider is an underwater glider, that is the device that uses the movement energy of the waves and changing their buoyancy, not water screws like the conventional underwater robots. “In addition to learning” made of carbon fiber. It has 1.8 meters in length and 0.5 meters in diameter. The wingspan of the glider is 1 meter. The device is able to dive to a depth of one thousand meters. For communication with the operators of the robot is equipped with a satellite terminal Iridium and acoustic modem. Weight is about 55 pounds.

In the first step of the great Atlantic travel “in addition to learning” went in the same 2016. He started from Cape cod, Massachusetts to Ireland. During this swim machine has overcome 6557 kilometres in 330 days. In Ireland the unit was clean, replace batteries and briefly used for training operators of underwater robots. Then “Derived” went from Ireland and sailed to the Canary Islands, breaking 3695 kilometers for 178 days. There he also replaced the battery.

Then, the unit sailed to the island of St. Thomas from the group, the U.S. virgin Islands. The path to the destination took 6256 miles. To overcome the robot took 418 days. During the final stage of the journey underwater robot swam 6236 kilometres for 348 days. “In addition to learning” sailed to the island of Martha’s vineyard located near Cape cod. During the entire navigation unit has collected data on water status and trends, and tested several algorithms to control the different cost of the battery.

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