Americans created the active ankle exoskeleton. It makes Jogging easier

The developers from Stanford University conducted tests of a prototype of active ankle exoskeleton to reduce the load on the foot during walking and running. According to the message of the University, the first tests showed that the energy cost of running with the exoskeleton reduced on average by 15 percent.

One of the main tasks of the exoskeleton is to increase muscle strength. Such devices allow, for example, with less effort to lift loads with a large mass, or to travel long distances less tiring. The developers from Stanford University believe that their device will be a kind of new vehicle.

Golenostopy the exoskeleton is attached to the Shin with straps and shoes with the help of a rope, passed the loop under the foot. In addition, the exoskeleton has a small supporting carbon platform, which is located under the toe of the foot. A prototype of the exoskeleton’s own motors is not: it is driven by cables, which are stretched or weakened by external motors.

Test ekzoskeleta was conducted on a treadmill. They were attended by 11 experienced runners. The tests were conducted on the exoskeleton in both passive and active modes. Tests have shown that the passive mode, the exoskeleton increases the energy cost of running by 13 percent compared to running without the device.

The developers also experienced the device in the simulation mode of the springs as if it had springs in its design and was passive. In this case, the tests showed that the energy cost of running in the exoskeleton was 11 percent more than without it.

In General, the developers came to the conclusion that the active ankle exoskeleton allows you to increase the running speed by at least 10 percent. Now the researchers intend to modify their device.

In early March last year, the American company Sarcos Robotics demonstrated their complete exoskeleton in different scenarios. In particular, the company showed how this device helps to bring the Luggage in airports or install the wheel on the car.

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