Americans created the cab remote supervision of unmanned vehicles

The American company-the developer of unmanned vehicles Voyage introduced the cabin, allowing the remote operator to monitor the drones and, if necessary, to help them. The operator receives data from the cameras and algorithms, object recognition, and in an emergency situation where the car can not find a solution, he can take the controls reported in the company blog.

Leading developers of unmanned vehicles have already taught them to drive safely and cope with many complex traffic situations. But all the same periodically the drones are faced with situations from which they can’t find the correct exit. For example, if you want to skip the ambulance or fire service, and at the same time to cross a solid line or a stop line, the driver-the person is likely to break the rules, using common sense, whereas the unmanned vehicle will remain in place.

But statistics showsthat modern unmanned vehicles drive thousands of miles without human intervention, so some companies are considering the possibility of remote control for such cases, and in some regions of the travel of drones without a human in the cabin is allowed.

Voyage introduced the control cabin, which she will use to work your own project for testing of drones and deployment of the service unmanned taxi. In the cab used steering unit, pedals and seat from a real car, and in addition, the data control going real automotive electronic control units are certified according to the standard ASIL-D. Also in front of the operator and on its sides are the monitors for the video cameras of the drone and control.

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