Americans have experienced a very lightweight torpedo. You can start with drones

The American company Northrop Grumman conducted the first tests of the prototype perspective is very lightweight torpedo VLT (Very Lightweight Torpedo), developed by order of the U.S. Navy. As writes Flightglobal, the new warhead can be launched from several types of aircraft, including the unmanned MQ-8C Fire Scout.

The development of the VLT is in 2016. The basis of ammunition formed a project very lightweight torpedoes, prepared by the applied research Laboratory of Pennsylvania state University. This project has been opened for free use by producers of arms in 2016.

The weight of the first prototype of a very lightweight torpedo testing is conducted Northrop Grumman, was 104 pounds. For comparison, the lightest of torpedoes facing the U.S. Navy today, — Mk.54 Lightweight Torpedo is 276 pounds.

According to the statement, Northrop Grumman, carriers of torpedoes can be coastal patrol aircraft P-8A Poseidon, a multi-purpose helicopter SH-60 Sea Hawk and carrier-based UAVs the MQ-8C. The latter is able to carry a payload weighing 318 pounds.

Torpedo VLT requires no special starting systems — it can be reset with the carrier. The munition is equipped with a small parachute in the tail section needed to guide the torpedo down the nose during a fall in the water. Other details on the dashboard are not yet available.

Earlier, the US Navy launched the program Hammerhead, involving the development of samotransformatsii anti-submarine mines-torpedoes. New mine-the torpedo must have an anchor, control system and communication system of detection of submarines and the engine. Hammerhead also will be equipped with torpedo Mk.46.

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