Americans showed electropica without powertrain Endurance

American Motors company Lordstown developed electropica Endurance, the main feature of which is the absence of classic transmission — the car used four-wheel motor. The company first unveiled a prototype car in July, and has now published a demo video, reports Electrek.

Many automakers in recent years have become more attentive to electric vehicles — electric cars had ceased to be a “rework” of other production models at many large international corporations. Amid the many models of passenger electric vehicles, other segments develop much more slowly and is especially interesting to observe the engineering redefining commercial vehicles. In pickups, for example, the lack of massive internal combustion engine and simplified transmission sometimes allows the use of original solutions.

For example, in electropica Bollinger B2 the lack of ice allows you to tilt the hatch in the front of the car, so the owner may without a trailer to carry the goods, which length considerably exceeds the length of the entire car. Another notable electropica — Rivian R1T. This car can charge the other the same machine that is also capable pickup truck by four independent motors to turn in place. Thus in Rivian uses conventional wheel — each motor connects with the wheel drive shaft.

In Lordstown Motors has decided to further simplify the transfer of torque. Electrical Endurance pickup used four-wheel motor — with fewer moving parts, the assurances of representatives of the company, increases reliability.

From the editor

Despite the fact that the wheel motor has been around in the automotive industry they are not used due to the fact that significantly increase unsprung mass. From the heavy wheels increases the load on the suspension and lowering the car’s handling — that’s why automakers and fans tuning tend to make the wheels as light as possible. Only one motor Endurance weighs more than 30 pounds, and weighs about the same a normal wheel of the SUV (disk and tire) — that is, the wheel of the new electropica will weigh twice as much the wheel of the car of the same class. Yes, the absence of classic transmission reduces the number of moving parts in the car, but the scheme with four in-wheel motors potentially has many engineering and operational problems.

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