Americans will create air taxis for long distance transportation

American company Transcend Air has been developing air taxi Vy 400, which can be used for the carriage of passengers between cities. As written by Aviation Week, in particular, new machines, capable of carrying up to 5 passengers will be used on the routes new York — Boston and Los Angeles — San Francisco.

An increasing number of companies today engaged in the development of air taxi for passenger transportation in cities and between city and suburbs and between cities.. it is Assumed that such air taxis will significantly reduce traffic congestion and reduce the time spent by people on the road.

Air taxi 400 Vy is scheduled to perform according to the scheme of the convertiplane with a rotary wing, the ends of which are mounted propellers. In the rear is to accommodate the fan, a portion of the air flow which is output from the nozzle at the tip of the tail horizontal stabilizer.

The screws and the fan will be driven from a single turboshaft engine, with a capacity of 1,700 horsepower through the transmission system. According to the draft, Vy 400 will have a maximum take-off mass of 3.2 tons and can carry loads of up to 993 pounds. Vy 400 can operate at speeds up to 350 knots (648 km / h) at altitudes up to 6 thousand meters.

Transcend Air has already started testing prototypes of reduced air taxis, as well as its software and control systems. Testing of software and management systems are aircraft simulator X-Plane.

Earlier it became knownthat the German company e.The SAT has scheduled the first flight of air taxi SAT for 2022. The aircraft closed wing can carry up to 4 passengers. A distinctive feature of the air taxi will be its low noise level compared to other comparable devices.

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