Americans will create samotransformatsii anti-submarine mine-torpedo

The U.S. Navy launched the Hammerhead program, involving the development of samotransformatsii anti-submarine mines-torpedoes. As writes Breaking Defense, the current plan envisages the supply of 30 prototypes of mines, torpedoes 2021 fiscal year (begins October 1, 2020). At the same time in 2023, the US Navy expects to receive the first samples of ammunition production model.

Until 2001, the U.S. Navy stood sea mines torpedoes Mk.60 CAPTOR. The mine was a cylindrical container with a length of 3.7 or 3.4 meters, which housed the standard torpedo Mk.46 a system of active and passive acoustic guidance.

Mines CAPTOR was retrieved using ships, aircraft or helicopters. After falling into the water from the container was separated anchor to which a mine was attached by a cable. After setting mine went into standby mode. The maximum depth of the production of the mines amounted to 900 meters.

Ammunition was able to determine the noise of submarines at distances up to one thousand metres and to ignore the noise of surface ships. After the detection of the submarine CAPTOR vertically launched torpedo, the Mk.46, which is then at speeds over 30 knots (55.5 km / h) was going to target. The range of the torpedo is 7.3 km.

In accordance with the requirements of the us military, the new mine-torpedo Hammerhead should be semitransitive, that is, in fact, constitute an Autonomous underwater vehicle. Mina must have an anchor, control system and communication system of detection of submarines and the engine. Hammerhead also will be equipped with torpedo Mk.46.

Invitations to participate in the development of semitransitive mines received 16 U.S. companies. Other details about the new program have not been disclosed.

In 2018, it was reportedthat the developers of the Turkish company Savunma and Albayrak Karadeniz technical University began creating a new form of mobile sea mines disguised as sea rays. The new ammunition will be managed by encrypted acoustic signals. The development is conducted in the framework of the project Wattozz.

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