Among dinosaurs, I finally found the good swimmers

The structure of the caudal vertebrae of spinosaurus has indicated that this dinosaur was a good swimmer and in the process helped himself with a tail, as do modern crocodiles, it is reported in Nature. Previously, the ability of spinosaurus to move efficiently in the water was not proven, but the idea of who the large dinosaurs like the Diplodocus led a semi-aquatic way of life, long since been disproved. A new discovery shows that some dinosaurs were still closely associated with water.

The dinosaurs in the mass, were land animals. Those aquatic reptiles, which laymen sometimes confused with dinosaurs, mosasaurs, plesiosaurs and ichthyosaurs — in fact, not one of them. In old movies and in old illustrations you can see how Diplodocus, Apatosaurus and other large sauropods standing in the water: it was once thought that it supported their massive bodies. However, this view has long denied. There is an assumption that the spinosaurus could swim, but they were not directly confirmed, and there was doubt that they can provide the appropriate mechanics of the movements.

Paleontologists from the Moroccan University of Hassan II in Casablanca and several research institutions in the UK, Italy and the USA, led by Nizar Ibrahim (Nizar Ibrahim) described the discovery, made in Morocco to 2018 — about 30 caudal vertebrae of a large (more t-Rex) Spinosaurus aegyptiacus age 95-100 million years. They were found side by side with other fragments of the spine of spinosaurus. All the caudal vertebrae had very long spinous processes. Probably when they formed elongated in the vertical plane the similarity of the fin.

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