Anthropologists describe three ways the ritual of cutting out human hearts the Aztecs and Mayans

Mexican scientists described three ways of opening the chest that was used by the priests of Mesoamerica, to cut the heart in human sacrifice. In an article published in Current Anthropology, States that the Aztecs and Mayans, using stone knives cut the body crosswise in the center of the diaphragm, between ribs, or sternum is cut into two parts. The heart and the blood was intended for the gods.

Ritual human sacrifice for the prosperity of the society were spread across the globe: in Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt and India. In Mesoamerica (roughly corresponds to the current Central America) was distributed to the rite of cutting the heart, evidence of which date back to at least the first Millennium BC. The rituals were led by the elite, and except for sacred purposes they were used for entertainment or intimidate the public. We are not entirely clear ritual procedures and the role of the cut heart. To understand the sacred significance, procedure, tools and other details of the sacrificial rituals, their efforts bring together scientists from different fields, from historians to forensic experts.

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