Apple has unveiled the Mac on ARM processors and introduced a new version of iOS

Apple began the transition to Intel processors in Mac computers own processors with ARM architectural already used in the iPhone and iPad. The first computer on a new platform it plans to submit at the end of 2020, and only the transition will take two years, said CEO Tim cook at the opening of WWDC 2020. Apple also introduced new versions of operating systems for their devices. Stream conference was held on the YouTube channel of Apple.

The transition from Intel to ARM

Apple has announced that it is beginning
the process of transition Mac with x86, and Intel on their own chips with ARM architecture. The main reasons for the company calls energy-efficient chips based on this architecture, the ability to add directly to the Central processor of any desired coprocessors and other components as well as complete unification of the platform between its devices.

The company adapted its apps, and also added in your own XCode development environment is the ability to create universal apps for both X86 and ARM Apple products. Similarly, the company moved from the PowerPC architecture to Intel in the mid 2000-ies. Apple notes that some major developers get the tools and began to adaptirovat their apps for the new platform. Among them is Microsoft, which has already adapted the Office as well as Adobe, who created the ARM version of the full Photoshop and Lightroom. During the presentation, Apple showed all of these applications, as well as your videoredaktor Final Cut Pro on a test computer, the Mac Mini with Apple A12Z of iPad Pro with 16 gigabytes of memory. Today this computer will be available for developers.

Since not all developers are quickly adapting their apps for ARM, the company introduced the translator of x86 code on ARM called Rozetta 2. It supports the broadcast of x86 binary code, and the company claims that it will occur during installation of the application, whereas in the original Rozetta was used in regular binary stream during operation of the program. On a Mac with ARM will run all apps from the app stores for Mac and iOS (if the developers had included the option in the store). In addition, the system will support a virtual machine to run Linux.

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