Apple proposed to clarify voice command look

Apple suggested that smart speakers cameras so that the user could activate their eyes and point to other objects with which it wants to interact. For example, if he wants to include one of the smart light in the room, he may ask column about it and show a glance which of the lamps he is interested in. A patent application published on the website of the office for patents and trademarks (USPTO).

Smart columns have a few basic functions, one of which is a device management smart home. Due to the fact that more and more household appliances supported platforms the smart home, now if you want you can create a house in which nearly all electronic devices are controlled by voice. But in this case there’s a problem, because some devices in home or even one room duplicated. Today’s smart home platform, for example, from Yandex, may call some device a different name, but it is hardly the ideal solution, because the guests may not know the name of the specific device and the host may simply forget it.

Engineers from Apple, which has its own smart home platform HomeKit and smart column HomePod, proposed to simplify the process of selecting the device and make it similar to how to solve this problem people. For this, the authors of the patent application serves to equip smart column one or more cameras. In addition, the column can operate with external cameras placed around the room in order to increase the field of view.

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