Archaeologists have found in the woods near Cologne Soviet radio reconnaissance

Archaeologists from the Rhineland regional Museum in Bonn found in a forest near Cologne Soviet radio station for reconnaissance, although originally looking for traces of a Roman Villa. According to the message Live Science, the model of the detected radio — R-394ККМ. Found device guarantees safety and is believed by archaeologists working if it is to replace the module with a battery.

The find was made in the Hambach forest 30 miles West of Cologne. The radio found at the site with cut trees — he was cleared for coal mine open pit mining. The radio station was located in a sealed metal box. Release year radio — 1987.

Discovered the radio has markings in English, and the keyboard is caused to Latin letters. This means that the device was probably intended for a person who speaks English or German. Other details about the discovery were not disclosed.

Probably, the message about the discovery of a misprint. Series portable radio R-394 includes a base unit R-394 “swift” and two upgraded P-394К “swift”-K and R-394КМ “swift-KM”. R-394КМ was produced from 1987 to replace the f-394К.

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