Artificial intelligence will be engaged in garbage sorting

Cambridge Consultants has introduced bins for waste sorting, working with technologies machine learning and computer vision. Such tanks waste scan and tell the user which compartment (recyclable garbage or not) to throw them away. About it reports Engadget.

Separation of waste by its origin (plastic, paper, natural waste) is practiced in many countries to separate waste into recyclable and not. The recyclable waste can be used as recycled materials that can reduce, for example, the deforestation of trees for paper production. People, however, are not always able to determine exactly which category (recyclable or not) is garbage that they throw away: for example, a paper Cup, which sells hot drinks, can be covered with plastic sheeting to contain the remains of coffee and a glass can not be recycled. This leads to low indicators of use of recycled materials. The development of artificial intelligence technology will soon be able to help with the optimization of the process of waste sorting.

British company Cambridge Consultants has introduced a new technologically advanced tanks to separate the waste. The new system consists of the usual containers for different waste types and a special platform, which automatically determines the type of the discharge object and tells the user which compartment you need to take out the garbage. Smartphone users will also be able to install the app, which was thrown in the recycling waste they will be credited achievements.

According to company representatives, the new “smart” sorting of garbage works with use of technologies of machine learning and automatic object recognition. Detailed plans for the implementation of such a sort in widespread use, however, were not disclosed. It should be noted that also there is no information on what data is used for training the recognition algorithm. We can assume that in difficult cases (as, for example, sorting paper cups), the AI will determine the suitability of waste for use as recycled according to the markings of the manufacturer.

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